Saturday, February 7, 2009

getting to rank 5

By Sim533:

Getting to rank 5
Dr killroy
Jen Jupiter

Here, you can befriend Phantomeme <----highlight for spoiler. Ask him to be your friend, and get the gated garden module blueprint.

2)Buy the May pop module blueprint and the prehistoric fern module blueprint.

3)Buy on the page of Dr killroy the exvacation module.

4)Build it.

5)Send a solar cell to Dr killroy and build the attachement.

6)Build the dino. Search after a other grazing module rank 1 and click until you've got 2 dino scales

7)Send 1 dino scales to Viper and one to digger

8)Build the two modules.

9)Now , i hope that someone clicks on you dino grazing module 1
YES? go to step 10
NO? go to

10)Build dino grazing module 2

11)Now , i hope that someone clicks on you dino grazing module 2YES? go to step 12
NO? go to

12)Build dino grazing module 3

13)Now , i hope that someone clicks on you dino grazing module 3YES? go to step 14
NO? go to

14)Now build the dino for the grazing module rank 3 and win 3 dino horns

15)Time to make the masterpiece.
>what's needed???
- 10 Rough Sapphires (
- 10 Rough Diamonds
- 10 Rough Rubies
- 50 Green LEGO Bricks
- 50 Purple LEGO Bricks
- 30 Dino Scales(to get faster dino scales, build the stegosaurus
- 3 Dino Horns

16)You made it! Get ready for the most difficult rank on MLN... 


Sim533 said...

Finding the secret Networker known as “You-Know-Who” isn't required to get to Rank 5, but it does help you get Orange LEGO Bricks quicker with the Gated Garden Module.

I'm not going to reveal his name here for those of you who want the satisfaction of discovering it for yourselves. For those of you who want to know now, here it is: “cunagbzrzr”.

Decryption Key:
a b c d e f g h i j k l m
n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Example: "uryyb" is "hello".

To friend “You-Know-Who”:
First friend Jen Juniper and mail her a potted plant. She'll send you the Phantom Orchid blueprint and instruct you to send Phantom Orchids to those in the Phantom Orchid Society (P.O.S.). The POS is made up of gardeners! Send to the gardeners!
Send a Phantom Orchid to Flora, Radia, and Jen Juniper.
1st Fragment says “Friend”
2nd Fragment says “...of...”
3rd Fragment says the real name of You-Know-Who.
Type the real name of You-Know-Who into the Search for User box to find the leader of the P.O.S. And friend him. Send him a Phantom Orchid and he'll send back the Seal of the POS blueprint.

Seal of the POS Ingredients:
- 1 POS Seal Fragment 1
- 1 POS Seal Fragment 2
- 1 POS Seal Fragment 3
- 5 Rough Rubies
- 5 Rough Diamonds
- 5 Rough Sapphires

Once you've made the Seal of the POS you can click other players Gated Garden Modules and you can build your own to grow Orange LEGO Bricks quicker.

Gated Garden Module blueprint cost: 10 Phantom Orchids
Gated Garden Module construction cost: 10 Phantom Orchids + 10 Purple LEGO Bricks + 10 Green LEGO Bricks.
Owner receives 2 Orange LEGO Bricks per click plus it grows 5 per day.

ekingsley said...


Do not buy or build the May Pop Purple or Prehistoric Fern modules. You can get enough Purple and Green Brick by Going to a Rank 7+ member and clicking on an Elemental module to get Totemic Food. Then feed a Pet Bat for a decent chance to win 5 purple brick or a Pet Panther for a chance at 5 Green brick.

Then go straight to the Dino Bone modules.

Anonymous said...

i need one more sapphire anybody have one.
p.s. click my dino grazing rank 3 module.

Sim533 said...

This is the wrong site, knuckles.

Anonymous said...

could somebody tell me how to get diamonds,rubies,etc?

Vanderdecken12 said...

You get them from other people's dino bone gallery/sticker/excavation modules in the mail when they are clicked on.

Anonymous said...

maybe if you buy the may pop you can get lot of purple brick you don't have to wait to get rank 7 just buy and done